Board Up Service Indianapolis

Protect Your Home after a Fire: A Guide to Board-Up Service in Indianapolis IN

Indianapolis is the fast-advancing capital city in the state of Indiana. In its downtown area, high-rise buildings are noticeable as well as several thriving businesses and busy residents. However, despite these productive efforts of a city, it does not leave it protected from unpleasant incidents which can either be caused by nature, neglect or ill intentions of man. A fire, for instance, can unfortunately happen to a business building or home.

A fire happening to one’s home is no doubt devastating. It can even numb one’s presence of mind and makes a homeowner overwhelmed thinking of all the damage that has been done. This should not be the case, however, since you must think of what to do next when a fire happens to your home.

One of the things that you should do or think about is to board up your home after a fire if you have open walls, windows or doors. In this task, you have the choice to hire a board-up service in Indianapolis, especially if you do not have any carpentry skills or do not have the time to do so.

There are many reasons why you should put up boards over openings caused by fire. A fire can eat up a whole wall or door and break glass windows. As a result, your home will be open for entry to anyone, even burglars. So primarily, boarding up your home can protect your home from any theft and further losses or vandalizing.

If you do not know what to do after a fire, you should make time to think or ask around what needs to be done without fear of unauthorized entry. It is common for homeowners to feel lost when a fire has struck his or her home. Although, the need for a cleanup, drying up of water left by firefighters, and repair work is immediate.

Another reason why you should board up your open windows, walls or doors is to protect your property from harsh weather conditions. Rain can easily reach the interior of your open home and add more water damage to your already damaged home. Strong winds can also blow away furnishings or wooden posts partly burned by the fire.

With these reasons stated above, it is imperative that boarding up your home is done immediately after a fire has been put out. If you do not have the resources to do this task, you may employ your reliable board up service Indianapolis contractor. This type of service is usually considered an emergency service so contractors offer this 24/7. Expect contractors to be onsite within minutes or a few hours.

When the contractors arrive, you may notice that the first thing they will do is to measure the open windows, walls or doors. This is to provide the exact size of plywood that will be used to cover the opening. Plywood can either be hammered to door/window jamb. Or in cases where concrete surfaces are involved, these boards can be screwed down to protect your home.

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