Water Damage Restoration Indianapolis

What to do After a Flood: Tips for Water Damage Restoration in Indianapolis IN

Indianapolis is one of the most advanced cities in the country. Despite being advanced and highly urbanized, however, the city still has its share of flooding incidents. During spring and summer, when Indianapolis experience most rains as compared to the other seasons, flooding still occurs in some areas. During these times, the city is expected to experience an average of four inches of rain every month.

With these few flooding incidents, it is sometimes unavoidable for homeowners to experience water damage due to flood water reaching the interior of homes. What then should a homeowner do? With flood warnings and awareness campaigns, homeowners should already be aware what to do before, during and after a flood. However, the sight of rising waters or flood water coming into your home would naturally make you panic. So the need to remind homeowners of what to do during a flooding incident here can be helpful.

Firstly, a homeowner should always keep updated of weather conditions. This will help you prepare whenever a storm is coming and is expected to produce heavy rains. If an update of heavy rains and possible flooding is announced, then you should make necessary preparations. Batteries are handy to have during flooding incidents since they can temporarily power flashlights and radios, the latter you will need in order to keep updated of weather news and advisories.

When rainfall starts to get as high as 3-5 inches, figure out where you might be able to get sandbags. This will help you protect your home from flooding to some degree. Usually in Indianapolis, sandbags can be available from the Department of Public Works. If indeed you need to put up sandbags in a perimeter around your home, make sure it is safe to do so and you have proper clothing to combat rain and the dirty flood waters.

When rain has already stopped and flooding has decreased, you may do an inspection around your home. But first, ensure that you are wearing proper clothing and it is safe for you to go around your property. Water damage can be expected in your home, especially if flood waters have stayed for more than a day or two. Water damage like mold growth or damages to a part of your home’s flooring, wall or foundations can be dealt with in two ways. Either you contact a water damage Indianapolis contractor along with your insurance company or do the cleanup and repairs yourself.

The second option, which is to do a cleanup and restoration yourself, needs to be thought of carefully. There can be hazards in such a job and you should consider safety above all. If you do think that you can handle the job, ensure you have proper clothing like gloves, boots and clothing that can protect your body from flood water contamination.

If however, you think that you cannot handle a water damage cleanup yourself, then it would be best to contact professionals after you have talked your insurance provider. Employ the services of a water damage Indianapolis contractor who holds a good reputation and can offer you good services under a reasonable contract price.

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